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Fred is a New York City native with a wickedly dry sense of humor and a tireless energy. The “father” of the E-Team, Fred faced down Slobodan Milosevic twelve years ago at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal after documenting war crimes in Kosovo.  Together with Peter, Fred investigates emerging human rights abuses in Libya as the Gaddafi regime topples and the country struggles to establish law and order. Fred recently wrote a report about the Islamic State extremist group. He also authored a forthcoming book about the fall of communism in Albania. Learn more and preorder here.

Peter, a savvy strategist and fearless investigator, has been called “the James Bond of human-rights investigators” by Rolling Stone magazine. Known as the “bang bang guy”, Peter uses his knowledge of weaponry to solve war crimes. He is prickly with the press and with his own colleagues on the E-Team, but his passion and outspokenness have earned him a solid and gritty reputation among journalists and investigators alike.

Anna is a Russian émigré whose childhood experiences growing up in Moscow have endowed her with a righteous indignation about the practices of unaccountable dictatorships. She is as fashionable as she is formidable, a closet chain smoker, and she can talk her way into any situation — questioning victims and perpetrators alike -— in any of the four languages she speaks fluently. While detained in Georgia during the Russia-Georgia War of 2008, she fell in love with and eventually married a fellow investigator, Norwegian Ole Solvang. Ole balances Anna’s fiery personality with a measured and calm manner, which he maintains even when he and his wife are in personal danger.

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