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How did you end up becoming a human rights investigator?
"I always pestered people with questions — and want to know why. I love travel, adventure and working with people. And I despise abuse of power. Mix that in a beeker and poof."


How many languages do you speak?

"English. Fluent German. Decent Albanian."


What's your scariest experience in the field?

"Driving through an area in Kosovo known to have landmines."


What's your proudest work accomplishment?

"Testifying against Milosevic in 2002."


Travel is a huge part of your job. Which airport is your favorite?

"Vienna. There's warm food in the lounge, free WiFi and comfortable work stations at gates."


What's the one thing you wish people knew when they watched the nightly news — what context might the average person be missing?

"How people involved are affected by events."


Fred wrote a recent report about the Islamic State extremist group.


He also authored a forthcoming book from NYU Press about the fall of communisim in Albania. Learn more and preorder here.


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